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How we make your clothes?

At Domlei we believe in empowering women and creating opportunities within the weaving communities we collaborate with. This is why we work with a carefully selected team of local Cambodian artisans to ensure that only the best craftswomen and most skilled professionals take part in creating our clothes. In doing so we ensure that women can work within their communities, whilst caring for their families. We also ensure our artisans get a fair pay and work in a more respectful working environment,  instead of having to travel for hours to work in inhumane factory conditions.

We take time to design every single one of our garments. Care, attention to detail and craftsmanship truly matter to us when creating our bespoke and special clothing.


We design all our fabrics in Cambodia and have them weaved by local artisans, using only the softest organic yarns.


Working with local artisan women is critical for us, as we feel that our support benefits the local communities and allows us to create beautiful designs for our customers.

We ensure all our clothes are hand finished. All the garments go through a rigorous quality process to ensure that every finished garment looks its best when it leaves our studio.