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Fabric Care

All our fabrics are selected both for their high quality and comfort. We carefully select the yarns and have them custom weaved by local Cambodian artisans from the Takeo Province. Our weavers have years of skill, based on traditional Cambodian textile methods passed down over generations.  

Although we always try our best to ensure photos capture the true colors of the fabrics, we are conscious that there may be slight differences when shown on pictures. If you would like a fabric sample, please do let us know.

We make all our products from natural fibers. We dye them naturally, using non-chemical dyes. All our fabrics are made from pre-washed cotton using a non biological detergent to avoid shrinkage.  We always recommend washing dark fabrics separately particularly for the first few washes. Always test stain-remover on an inconspicuous area before use. Additional wash care instructions are attached to each of the clothes, providing specific fabric care instructions for each of the clothes.

Fabrics will continue to get softer over time through washing and wearing. We recommend ironing the fabrics in low to medium temperatures, or placing a towel between the iron and the fabric. 

Every seam is reinforced, where possible, using French seams or an over-locker, as we want the clothes we make to be strong and durable. If the clothes become torn, (let’s face it, children’s clothes are put through the mill!), we advise to have the clothing repaired and reused whenever feasible.

If you have any questions regarding the care of your clothes then, please don’t hesitate to contact us.