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Our Story

Domlei comes from the Khmer Cambodian language, which translates into English as “Do good”. We feel this name not only fully encapsulates the values that drive us in everything we do, but it also culturally honors the Cambodian traditions and culture that our business is proud to reflect.

Domlei is born out of our passion and belief in supporting women and their families to preserve village and community life; as well as caring for the environment around us. We like to create opportunities for the artisan communities we collaborate with. Allowing women to stay close to their children in their communities provides stable upbringing for the children, creates a strong family environment and ultimately creates positive change. We want to create relationships with our customers, our artisans and the communities we work with ensuring that long lasting value is added throughout.

Our means for achieving this is through crafting hand made simple clothing, which is thoughtfully and carefully created to be comfortable and beautiful. We choose the highest natural yarns, ensure they don’t have any chemical nasties, then we carefully select local artisans to weave then into beautiful fabrics and ultimately turn them into unique pieces.

We work with highly talented artisans from Take (South Coast of Cambodia), who have a wealth of expertise in weaving built on knowledge handed down from generation to generation. The care that we put into selecting our artisans allows Domlei to only work  with the best talent, ensuring that social and environmental responsibility remain our top priority. These values are core to our brand, we feel immensely proud of the positive and lasting impact that we can create as a little community one garment at a time!


Our business exists to foster long term relationships that add value to communities and customers through fashion. In doing so we want to make positive and sustainable changes that contribute to creating a better world.


Domlei works to promote a set of values that shape everything we do. We passionately believe in creating quality crafted garments, that care for the Earth, respect workers, create fair trading and promote slow fashion. Yet above all, we believe in adding value to our customers. 

Caring for our planet and respecting our environment is an equally important tenet of our business. We do so by making choices that work to limit the negative impact on the Earth e.g. buying local, using non-chemical dyes, choosing natural organic fibers, reduce waste and natural materials. Without our planet we are nothing, we believe it is our duty to be kind to our environment and safeguard our planet for future generations.