Greetings from Phnom Pehn, Cambodia!

My name is Saron. I am a mom to a 5 year old little boy, a wife, a designer and a photographer. I live in the Cambodian capital city now, but my family roots go back to a traditional rural village.

Since becoming a mother, I try spending quality time with my son as much as I can.  Yet I realize that I am quite lucky, as not all Cambodian women can enjoy doing the same. As a mum I have also gained greater awareness of how important the role of a mother is in the early years of a child’s life. Also what a stabilizing role women play in the wider community and its long-term future.

For many Cambodians, poverty and basic survival has had a detrimental impact on the unity of the family relationships.  Increasingly mothers are having to leave their children in the care of relatives to find work in the garment factories. This involves travelling for hours to factories and long working hours away from their children, often in inhumane conditions. It is an unfortunate trend that not only affects family lives, but it is also contributing to the loss of the Cambodian textile traditions.

Domlei’s commitment to positive change

I wanted to make a difference and help to bring a positive change to the world around me. In particular to the weaving rural Cambodian villages I proudly originate from.

I established Domlei with the idea of empowering the women in the rural weaving communities and supporting their children’s early-years’ education. We achieve this through the creation of timeless clothing that combines Cambodian design elements with Western styling. In doing so I wanted to make sure that we respected the environment around us, only using sustainable materials and fair manufacturing.

All of clothes are created to preserve and honor Cambodia’s craftsmanship; our cultural traditions and the work of the local artisans. But above all, our designs work to make positive social impact in the communities we work with, empowering local women, creating fair and responsible working conditions, contributing to local projects, and simply making sustainable day to day changes that work towards creating a better and kinder world.

I hope you can join me and our artisans to drive these changes and keep our dream alive. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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